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Discipline is the very foundation of society. It is one of the essentials of life. It is of great importance in all spheres of life. A child obeys his parents. Without it life at home will become miserable. A student has to observe it, otherwise no work will be possible.

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The players must work under discipline or they will lose the match. Discipline is very necessary in the army. A soldier must obey his officer in every situation and face death, if need be, in the discharge of his duties. Even birds and beasts observe discipline. Animals move in a herd. They obey the leader. There clearly was something that most students despise about the hostel life which is the hostel food.

However, all in all it really is a great experience.

My dad is within a transferable job and hence has got to relocate to a fresh city every three years. It was impacting my studies while the scholarly study pattern and teaching methods change from place to place. Just whenever I used to become accustomed to the teachers, students therefore the school environment after great difficulty, we got the news that we needed to proceed to a different city.

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So that you can overcome this nagging problem, my parents decided to cheap custom essay writing services enroll me at a hostel. When I began my hostel life, I took a couple weeks to create myself emotionally and conform to the latest environment just as every new student at the hostel does.

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However, I soon got familiar with the place that is new made quite a few friends. I had been quite shy and reserved before I entered the hostel three back year. I became determined by my parents for every small need. However, the hostel life has turned me into a striking and person that is confident. I really do not panic or get emotional easily. I have emerged as a person that is strong. This can be because surviving in a hostel teaches us to reside independently and we are bound to take charge of our life.

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  7. As excited as i will be to go to my home, I am equally excited to obtain back again to the hostel as the vacation comes to get rid of. I look forward to meeting my friends and living my life over in that small hostel room. I look ahead to the table tennis room where I spend hours setting records that are new the hostel ground where I sit with my friends chit chatting about various things. Hostel is becoming a home that is second me.

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    To summarize, I am able to say that hostel could be the most sensible thing that has happened certainly to me. This has changed my personality once and for all.

    Essay-Discipline in Student life // value of discipline in student life

    Ask a hostel student if life in hostel is good or bad in which he will narrate all the pros and cons associated with hostel life. However, if you ask an adult who has had an experience of residing in a hostel, he could be prone to narrate his memories fondly and let you know it was the best phase of his life. The reason being there are specific difficulties of residing in the hostel but the benefits it includes surpass them in accordance with time it really is only the good that we remember.

    However, everyone can have a different experience. I have already been surviving in the hostel for approximately four years now and my experience has largely been good. I am quite mounted on my parents and being the only child I will always be quite pampered. My parents and grandparents have showered me with immense love and looked after all my needs.

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    For this reason the days that are initial the hostel were extremely tough in my situation. I became in fifth standard when my parents enrolled me here. I experienced never lived even a day that is single my mother until that time. Debates, quizzes, cultural progammes also add luster to an otherwise dull school life which is often restricted to studies. It is not that one does not enjoy studies but continuous studies of 5 hours can become a little difficult.

    One longs for some break in monotony and that we get by playing pranks, needless to say, usually harmless, making fun of each other and at times of teachers who are very strict and not liked.

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    Of course, those teachers, whom we like, are never talked about with disrespect. We wait to carry, for them, their bags and exercise books and on complementing them on looks. If a class is boring then there are some, who tend to pretend them ill, just to go to the dispensary. Many a times, it works but at times boomerangs also when the nurse sees through them and they are March back to the class with their head bowed.