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This study investigates Yemeni EFL students' perceptions, attitudes and challenges on integrating Facebook Interaction (FBI) to improve their essay writing. The. Technology & Resources in Education eJournal. Subscribe to.

Roosters are crowing at daybreak, and the cattle are roaming the pasture. The water in the troughs is no longer frozen. The majesty of the mountains slowly returns to its emerald green. Flower gardens begin to blossom and bloom as the colors will soon explode from the buds.

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The creek, no longer frozen, glistens in the midday sunshine and makes trickling sounds as it flows through the woods in the middle of the farm. The evenings are late and cool, and summer is nearing. Every dirt path and trail you walk on the farm is lined with the colors of the blossomed lilies, daisies and tulips. The tall alfalfa grass sways in the breeze and resembles a golden sea.

The sound of the tractors rumbling and plowing the fields is a sense of home and hard work as they make their rounds through the fields, row by row. A sharp cedar aroma fills the air and honeysuckle lines the dirt road. A warm summer breeze sways the leaves on the trees and whistles through the cracks in the wooden panels of the old barn. The hot sun is beating down and Passage Creek flows on through. The stream is trickling and making its way to the creek while a few trout are seen poking out from beneath the rocks.

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This is the greatest place to be. There are many things to be admired amidst the beauty of the farm and the adjoining forest. The four seasons create their own style of grace upon the land as you spend your days hiking, hunting, fishing and caring for the farm. Living in a place like Fort Valley is a reminder that nature is wondrous and every minute spent in its beauty should be embraced. After all, nothing compares to life off the beaten path.

Cooperative Living Magazine. It's National Pasta Day!! Share a link to your favorite pasta recipe in the comments below -- or tell us about your favorite pasta dish! In fact, in a. Early Romans used a very simple flour and water dough.

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Pasta is the Italian word for dough. Thomas Jefferson introduced pasta to the Americas after first tasting it in Naples, Italy. In , he brought the first pasta machine, along with crates of macaroni, back to the United States. Pasta became a common North American food in the late 19th century with the surge in Italian immigration.

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    Doug Puffenbarger of Blue Grass, Va. Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative It's hard not to instantly fall in love with this photo sent in by Cooperative Living reader and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative member Jennifer Camphuysen. Her ten-month-old daughter, Peyton, is pretending to be a scarecrow. Youth Tour participants return to their hometowns stronger leaders with confidence that they can make a difference.

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    I saw so many things, many of them once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Youth Tour has changed my life for the better, all because of a word short story. I never thought that making friends would ever be so easy or that I would get along with new people this well. This trip has shown me how many opportunities there are in life; you just have to be willing to look for them. Your story should be an entertaining, informative description of electric cooperatives.

    We encourage you to learn more about electric co-ops. Resources here will provide you with lots of information and material to write your story. Judges will see indications of additional research, a grasp of what information is vital to making your story believable and credible and creative ways of presenting that information. The tips below can help you get one step closer to D.


    Use these suggestions to make your story stand out. Characters, time and place Spend some time to develop the characters, location and time frame of your story. Get specific Include at least three specific examples of the many ways that co-ops connect their communities. The expansion of broadband, availability of reliable energy, efforts to recruit new businesses and jobs and young leadership development for young people are just a few examples. Include one or more co-op principles The seven principles of electric co-ops are listed on pages 14 and Include these in your story to demonstrate your understanding of the many things that make electric co-ops unique.

    Looking for real examples of how co-ops connect their communities? Check out these recent news stories. Unlike other businesses, electric cooperatives are owned by the consumers they serve and operate as not-for-profit businesses. This may not sound important, but it means that consumers are the priority. Rates are kept low because there are no stockholders to pay, and the co-op is responsive to members because they vote on co-op leadership. In the s, there was no power in rural Tennessee.

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    Homeowners and farmers came together to create co-ops that would bring power to their homes. Today, co-ops are modern businesses that use technology to efficiently operate a large, advanced grid.

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    • Despite these changes, the primary goal of co-ops have not changed: provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to our neighbors, the very people who own the co-op. Because of their local ties, co-ops are committed to improving lives in their communities. Cookies help us provide, protect and improve our content and information.

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