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This study investigates Yemeni EFL students' perceptions, attitudes and challenges on integrating Facebook Interaction (FBI) to improve their essay writing. The. Technology & Resources in Education eJournal. Subscribe to.

Criterion B: Understanding of the use and effects of stylistic features To what extent does the comparative analysis show awareness of how stylistic features of the texts, such as language, structure, tone, technique and style, are used to construct meaning? To what extent does the comparative analysis show appreciation of the effects of stylistic features including the features of visual texts on the reader?

Criterion C: Organization and development How well organized and coherent is the comparative analysis? How balanced is the comparative analysis? Balance here means equal treatment of the two texts. Criterion D: Language How clear, varied and accurate is the language? How appropriate is the choice of register, style and terminology? Register refers, in this context, to the students use of elements such as vocabulary, tone, sentence structure and terminology appropriate to the task. There is little sense of balance and some development; although both texts are addressed, the treatment of one is superficial.

There is a sense of balance and adequate development. The structure is mostly coherent and there is a good sense of development. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Personal Growth Psychology. Flag for inappropriate content. For Lit students, the choice is between a poem and a prose extract. In the new Paper 1 format, the focus will still be on close reading analysis of an unseen passage.

However, the range of genres and text types eligible for analysis will increase; students may encounter any genre or text type. SL students will still have a choice between two possible texts, however now HL students will only be given one text on the assumption that they can analyze any unseen text. Guiding questions will still be provided for SL students.

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There is a suggestion that the timing of the Paper 1 exam will change, but no details are currently available on that subject. According to the notes published by the IBO, Paper 2 is likely to change the least. No new details have been announced.

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HL students must complete 4 assessment components. Details about the format of this assessment and what skills it will target have not yet been finalized, however. It will allow students an opportunity for self-assessment regarding their understanding and progress on texts and assignments. The IBO re-evaluates each of its Diploma Program curricula on a 7-year schedule in order to update courses with the newest teaching and subject material as well as to respond to comments from schools.

The key reasons for the changes are as follows:. Flexibility: In the current English curricula, each assessment component is tied to a specific category of texts, which means it is difficult for teachers and students to make connections across the textual categories. Lit students study their Part 3 texts in preparation for the Paper 2 exam; they will not use those texts for any other assessment or make connections between those texts and Part 1, 2, or 4 texts.

Biology 2. Biology 3. Chemistry 1. Chemistry 2.

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Chemistry 3. English 1. English 2. English 3. English 4. English 5. English 6. English 7. English 8. Geography 1. Geography 2. Geography 3. History 1. History 2. History 4. History 5. ITGS 1. ITGS 2. Mathematics 1. Mathematics 2. Mathematics 3. Mathematics 4. Music 1. Philosophy 1.

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  6. Philosophy 2. Philosophy 3. Philosophy 4. Physics 1. Physics 2. Politics 1. Politics 2.

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    Politics 3. Psychology 1. Psychology 2. Psychology 3. Social and Cultural Anthropology 1. Social and Cultural Anthropology 2.


    Visual Arts 1. Visual Arts 2. Visual Arts 3. Visual Arts 4.

    World Religion 1. World Religion 2. Trying to figure out what extracurricular you should do? Studying for the SAT? Check out our complete guide to the SAT. Taking the SAT in the next month? Check out our guide to cramming. Not sure where you want to go to college? Check out our guide to finding your target school.