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This study investigates Yemeni EFL students' perceptions, attitudes and challenges on integrating Facebook Interaction (FBI) to improve their essay writing. The. Technology & Resources in Education eJournal. Subscribe to.

When he is willing he writes really great things. Let me say this, my son is not a slacker when it comes to school work. In fact, he is very diligent about doing his assignments, doing them well, and on-time. But with his perfectionistic tendencies writing has been difficult because he knows that perfection is not something that can be reached in the process. Through the years the struggle for creative writing has been so pronounced that I often just give up, and let it go. But with high school years, I can no longer do this. He has to get past the fear of writing and figure it out.

Recently, he was able to talk with an architect we know. As they were talking the architect tells my son that the one skill he really needs to build and be confident in is his communication skills. He will need to be able to send professional emails and other correspondence, write reports, proposals, and be able to present findings to clients and team members. I think hearing this from a professional architect has changed his perspective on setting to the task and being willing to learn the writing process.

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Rather than focusing on each form of writing individually, the author Debra Bell has developed the lessons that reflect the reality of how adults use the forms in the real world. Most often multiple writing types are used in conjunction when formulating a written piece in both workplace and personal settings. What I really love is that it takes the process puts it into a comprehensive, complete language arts curriculum.

They have broken the process down into bite-size, easy to consume daily lessons. I should have known years ago that he needed a daily guide. Writers in Residence fits the bill when it comes to a structured writing course because it incorporates grammar, and usage while they are simultaneously learning the writing process. For me, creative writing comes easy. But for my analytical thinking son writing out of context has no place in his world. Which is why Writers in Residence takes the grumbling out of the daily assignments.

The lessons help him to put writing into a reasonable context with how people communicate in the real world. But, Writers in Residence has a different approach and thus different results. Thank you, thank you! He tells wonderful stories when I allow him to dictate to me, and gives pathetic stories if he has to write them out himself. I was really beating myself up today with uncertainty, but this was a real boost. I frequently battle with fear of failing them and the desire to do well by my boys as I teach them.

Your suggestions just make sense to me. Your site is an inspiration. I have been at odds as to how teach writing to my 11 year old son. He enjoys reading and have it ingrained in him that reading is like food for the brain. And the brain is always hungry! It can never get full! This summer I plan for my son to plow through Who was So and So books and teach him how to write a bio. I want him to enjoy writing like he loves reading. Comprehension is key. Also timing.

Just expressing myself… I forgot what to ask.. Keep up the good work! Thank you for writing this!

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I read tons of books to them and they love it and I feel like they are developing a strong love of books. I really do like this approach of yours so much. Why are we killing the natural desire and enthusiasm in them by demanding lengthy handwritten essays at this age?

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Funny how we doubt our own intuition when we should be listening to it. Thank you again. Thank you so much for this!! I just happened upon this post as I have been spending weeks trying to find a homeschool writing curriculum for my 2nd-going-on-3rd grade son who hates writing. You have given me so much hope! My gut tells me that right now a formal writing program is not what he needs, and I am so inspired now to break out of the box and do some read-alouds and maybe some fun-no-pressure story starters or something, maybe mixing in some relevant writing opportunities, like book reports or simple research projects.

I also love the paragraph editing idea in place of formal grammar! So cool! Thank you! Read more about my thoughts on young students and grammar.


Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I started thinking about the stories we often receive from first graders. Something like this: Once upon a time there was a girl. The girl met a cat. They walked home.

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  • The End. Because it is a struggle to pen the words to paper. Secret 1: Boycott required writing.

    No writing required. Secret 2: Read aloud. Secret 3: Resist the urge to start grammar lessons. I said it. Formal writing programs can wait until junior high.

    Brave Writer is unlike any other writing program!

    Both boys. My boys are both good writers. Yes, both boys. I use mini-lessons such as the ones I wrote for picture books. I use web based activities. I have recently started creating engaging writing products for kids.

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