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This study investigates Yemeni EFL students' perceptions, attitudes and challenges on integrating Facebook Interaction (FBI) to improve their essay writing. The. Technology & Resources in Education eJournal. Subscribe to.

Review your notes regularly to keep a bird's-eye view of the course. Then take another 30 minutes to skim your notes from the days and weeks prior. Additionally, the AP exam is cumulative, so brush up on past units to keep information fresh in mind. Take a minute break every hour that you study. Giving your brain regular breaks will help make your study time more effective.

Fuel up during your breaks by grabbing a small snack, like a yogurt or a handful of unsalted almonds. Try using a timer to keep track of when to take breaks. Method 2. Connect terms and concepts to real-world situations.

How Is the AP Psychology Exam Structured?

Psychology is about the behavior and mental process of actual humans and other animals, so connect definitions to real-world examples. Participate in psychological research. Reaching out to college professors and students can be intimidating, but try not to be worried. Master APA-style writing. American Psychological Association APA style is the standard manual for fields related to psychology.

It should also be straightforward, so no metaphors or unnecessary jargon. If your school has a writing lab, you should also work with them to improve your general writing skills.

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Attend all study and exam prep sessions your teacher offers. AP teachers typically hold numerous study sessions outside of normal classroom meetings. Take advantage of every opportunity you can to get extra help, especially 1 to 2 months prior to the AP exam in May.

Identify test questions that gave you trouble or spots in your notes that need clarification. Bring these questions and concerns to your teacher during study sessions. Additionally, try to attend any experiments, field trips, guest speakers, or other activities your teacher offers outside of class. Method 3. College Board is the organization that oversees AP courses and exams. Visit their website for exam tips, practice tests, and examples of essays at all quality levels.

Start studying your class notes at least 1 to 2 months before the exam. You do not want to put off studying until the last minute. Keep organized notes throughout the year, make flashcards, and start preparing for the May exam in March. Although having technology access in the classroom is not required, past participants have stated that it is helpful. You will have access to a computer lab, and our class will have one session in the lab for exploring electronic resources on a provided flash drive.

Please read and bring The Lost City of the Monkey God and two editorials by your favorite journalist. A walk through of the first unit. Complete Lesson Development in evening. Used with permission. Search Results. Agenda for Pedagogy, Content, and Organization in a flexible presentation.

Breadth—facilitating skills and deep understanding. Nuts and Bolts—How do I start the year? Structuring the class: Strategies for success. Resources for teachers and students.

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Amy Jones. Her career objectives are teaching and encouraging students to love to learn, to respect and love themselves, to appreciate and respect the diversity in others and to learn to work together to solve the problems and challenges of the future. She is committed to the idea that critical thinking skills can be taught and employed in inspiring students to assume responsibility for their own learning. She has been married for 52 years, is the mother of six children, and the grandmother of Here is a sample question from the AP Psychology course description :. Tom received the highest grade in his philosophy course.

Gracie forgets about her toy because it is under her blanket.

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Nikos can consider both the height and width of a container. Ava does not like being around unfamiliar people.

Chapter Outlines

The concrete operational stage typically happens between the ages of 7 and Philosophy involves a lot of abstract reasoning! This choice can be eliminated as well. The child in Choice C is too underdeveloped. Kids in the concrete operational stage have spatial awareness, so we can get rid of this one. Choice D seems to make sense! This is the stage at which kids start to understand logically that a tall, skinny glass might hold the same amount of water as a short, wide glass. Choice E appears to be unrelated to the concrete operational stage, so we can eliminate it.

Choose Your Test

Therefore, we can conclude that Choice D is the correct answer. The following free-response question was on the AP Psychology exam :. Annabelle is planning to apply to college but has not yet decided where she will apply. Describe how the following psychological concepts and terms relate to her choice.

HOW TO GET A 5: AP Psychology

Explain how the following psychological concepts could relate to how well Annabelle adapts when she begins her college career. For this free-response question, you must understand what each of the terms mean and how they relate to this specific situation. For example, you might say that Annabelle decided to apply to UCLA because her parents had gone there and talk to her about it frequently, so this option was at the forefront of her mind in the decision-making process.

You would then go on to relate the three remaining terms to Annabelle's college-search process. You could earn a maximum of 4 points in part a of this question 1 point for each description. Part b asks you to explain how certain psychological concepts might relate to Annabelle's adaptation to her new college environment. For a more detailed description of how responses to this question were scored, you can review the scoring guidelines here.

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Here are six tips guaranteed to give you a higher chance of earning a great AP Psych score. The best way to prepare for standardized tests like this one is to take practice tests so that you have a good idea of where your weaknesses lie. Practice tests will also help you get used to the format of the AP Psych test and the types of questions it asks.

The College Board offers practice free-response questions from previous years up to You should also time yourself accurately so you can be sure you don't run out of time on the actual exam. After you take a practice test or two, review your answers to see which content areas gave you the most trouble. Focus on going over the topics for which you had the highest concentration of incorrect answers.

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This portal connects students with their AP teachers. You can turn in homework on the portal, get feedback on your assignments, and receive access to official AP Psych study materials, including a question bank with real test questions. Your teacher will run the AP Classroom course page. For AP Psychology, we know exactly which topics will be covered and how frequently we can expect to see them on the test.

This is valuable information you can use to your advantage when studying. Specifically, spend more time reviewing unfamiliar topics that are especially common on the exam. It's better to know the ins and outs of a high-frequency topic super well than to have only a rudimentary knowledge of two low-frequency topics.