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This base is an equal amount of information concerning the two subjects of the essay. Your essay will seem unbalanced, unfair, and incomplete. With that in mind, you need to conduct the necessary research before you present the two themes of your essay. If you are comparing and contrasting the above-mentioned two cities, learn all you can about each, equally. Don't give an in-depth report on only one city's history for example.

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Give equal weight to both concerning their past. If you report the architecture of one city, then give the other city's architecture its due. If you don't, then your reader does not have all relevant information they need to form their opinion. Your writing will favor one city over the other and this is where unbalanced writing makes your essay lose its credibility.

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With this type of essay, you offer interested readers a fresh take on the subjects. Take our city example once again. You didn't just present information on one of them in a profile piece. You presented information on two of them, which led to better understanding of "each" of them.

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The same will hold true whatever you write about. When you compare you show what's similar between things that aredifferent. When you contrast, you show the differences between things that are similar. The reasonable solution is to entrust professionals to proofread your work. If you have friends or relatives who can devote several minutes to listen to your work, ask them whether your work sounds fine or it still requires certain improvements. What to do if you have nobody who could express an opinion on the quality of your essay? This problem can be easily solved!

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You can ask expert custom writers to check out your college essays anytime you have doubts that you know how to write a compare and contrast essay. Before you get started, have a look at a compare and contrast essay example. You'll have a clear picture of how to present similar and distinctive features of two things that belong to one group. Use a sample below when composing your own paper.

Not everyone knows how they differ much.

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In this essay, I will consider the main differences between the two devices and try to conclude which one is better. What makes a netbook different from a laptop? The main difference between a netbook and a laptop is its purpose. The netbook was designed primarily for the mobile use of this type of computer. A laptop can be used in transport or cafe; it is quite cumbersome and it cannot be said that it is very convenient for these purposes. A laptop is designed to completely replace a personal computer, but a netbook seems to be its complement.

Choosing a netbook, consider what you are buying this device for.

The size of the device dimensions, screen, keyboard, weight, etc. We think that it is obvious to everyone that the main visual difference is, of course, the size. Netbooks often have much smaller dimensions. Their screen reaches only 10 inches in rare cases 12 , but laptops easily reach 18 inches in size, that is, the screen is actually equal to the diagonal of a full-fledged monitor. The keyboard for notebooks is almost identical to the usual one.

It's quite familiar and convenient to use, but a small keyboard on a netbook is a very complicated element the keys are very small and are too close , so typing is quite unusual and even more inconvenient. In weight, a netbook naturally wins, as it is very light and does not take up much space it easily fits in a small bag. As for the technical differences, the first one is the hard drive, namely its size.

On a laptop, it can reach almost 4 terabytes, when on a netbook it's hard to find a device even with gigabytes. A large hard drive is needed mainly for those who watch movies, series, swing a large number of games and keep entire discographies of famous performers.

A small hard disk up to gigabytes will be enough for work and study. In netbooks, as a rule, there are no processors with great power.

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They will not be able to perform supercomplex tasks quickly and daily, because you are simply tortured by the fact that the computer will constantly hang, thereby irritating you and slowing down the work. But on laptops, you can find even models that have processors that can rebuff many full-fledged PCs. Experts prefer the full-fledged laptops because, despite the price, you get what you want. In the case of a netbook, you can constantly feel uncomfortable with a lack of this or that possibility or potential, which in time will strain emotionally you will begin to regret buying.

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