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There is no denying that there are several literary theories, which paid some attention to a specific role of a reader in interpreting the meaning of a piece of literary work. However, reader-response criticism, as modern literary philosophy emerged between the s and 80s, particularly in German and the US. The theory identifies the reader as a significant and active agent who is responsible to impart the real meaning of the text by interpreting it.

The modern school of thought argues on the existing perception of the literature.

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According to it, literature is like a performing art that enables reader creates his own text-related unique performance. New criticism considered that only structure, form, and content, or whatever is within the text, create the meaning. None of this single element was focused on the new critics orthodox. Focusing on the readers as the main audience of a particular text, it was the first theory, which gave importance to the readers more than a text.

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It does not ground itself on just creating objective meanings. Reader Response theory, on the other hand, argues that a text does not have any meaning in isolation unless the reader experiences it or reads it. It can be a culturally inherited way of interpreting things.

The theory of Reader Response questions the existence, indulgence, and participation of the reader in joining the writer and helping him creating the text meaning. Not only this, the modern critics examine the importance of various interpretations that reader undergoes during a reading process.

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For reader-response critics, the word criticized meaning is different to what New critics would believe. The formalist, unlike reader-response critics, perceived literary text as spatial and not temporal phenomena. Reader- Response theory exhibits an essential role of the reader when it comes to creating the meaning of the text. According to it, it is only the reading experience in which literary work comes alive.

The whole process makes a reader a co-creator of the novel. This surfaces the purpose of this modern theory that examines, explains and defends the personal reaction of a reader. The interesting fact about this approach is that it does not require you to support the right or wrong stance. There is no fixed absolute reading response. However, it is all about demonstrating an understanding of what you read by explaining and supporting your reactions.

In response writing, you can assume the reader has read the literary text so you do not need to summarize it. Instead, adopt an analytical and systematic approach to evaluate the text. Writing a reader response journal is like culminating your reflection and reactions to the text.