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They do this while not caring about their own family members who may be in a deep trouble and require help. A genuinely charitable person must really help those who really are in need and their activities must not be motivated by a selfish self-interest.

Charity Begins at Home Essay

To be such a generous person, one must first learn to love and care for his own family. Every persons bringing up has a very crucial role to play in this. When parents instil appropriate values in a child while he is growing up. Such a person will care for his family and extend this care to those who are in need. He will be able to love and sympathize with all those who require his help. One should never forget that Charity begins from home. Before anyone else, the family that stood with you through the good times and the dark times must be the one priority that should never change.

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Only those who are capable of being fair to their families have it in them to be good to others. Imagine Susan is a volunteer at a Charity which takes care of poor uneducated women who cannot take care of themselves.

Long and Short Essay on Charity Begins at Home in English for Children and Students

She spends days and hours worrying about these women trying to provide them with an education, food and shelter. The running around that she does for them leaves her with little time for her own family.

You can only do more, if you be more. You cannot feed the hungry if you yourself are hungry.

Long and Short Essay on Charity Begins at Home in English

Thus change yourself before you try to change others. You have to increase your knowledge, read the books, apply the knowledge in your life and finally, teach others.

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Charity Begins from Home

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