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This study investigates Yemeni EFL students' perceptions, attitudes and challenges on integrating Facebook Interaction (FBI) to improve their essay writing. The. Technology & Resources in Education eJournal. Subscribe to.

Project and Presentation: Websites must be available for viewing on the Internet at the time of judging. No changes may be made to the website after the official entry date. Sites should be designed to allow for viewing on as many different platforms as possible. If using a shopping cart, it does not need to be activated.

Explanations should include development and design process, use and implementation of innovative technology, use and development of media elements. The website should be shown to the judges. The event is to be specific to the career goals and professional experiences that the student has completed; it is not a showcase of FBLA experiences.

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The portfolio must include: a resume and a career summary. The career summary should include career choice, description of career, skills and education required, and future job outlook e. Sample materials also must be included in the portfolio. These may be in any format but must fit within the dimensions of the portfolio.

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Objective Test: Score is added into the preliminary interview rating sheet. Competencies: FBLA organization, bylaws, and handbook national competitive event guidelines national publications creed and national goals business knowledge, i. Cover Letter: The letter should state reasons for deserving the honor of this award. Managing office procedures medical terminology legal and ethical issues communication skills managing financial functions health insurance records management infection control medical history technology.

Help desk concepts help desk operations people component: help desk roles and responsibilities process component: help desk process and procedures information component: help desk performance measure help desk setting customer support as a profession management processes Case: An interactive role-play scenario will be given based on customer service in the technical field.

Hospitality operation and management functions hotel sales process hospitality marketing concepts human resource management in the hospitality industry environmental, ethical, and global issues customer service in the hospitality industry legal issues, financial management, and budgeting current hospitality industry trends types of hospitality markets and customers Case: A scenario in the hospitality management industry. Information may be written on both sides of the note cards.

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The cards will be collected following the presentation. No other reference materials such as visual aids or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the event preparation or presentation. Risk management process property and liability insurance health, disability, and life insurance insurance knowledge decision making careers ethics. Money management, banking, and investments consumerism characteristics and organization of business economic systems rights and responsibilities of employees, managers, owners, and government career awareness global business ethics insurance.

When delivering the speech, competitors may use notes prepared notes before the event. Cover Letter: Each competitor must apply for a business or business-related job at Merit Corporation a fictitious company in Washington, D. Company benefits include paid holidays and vacation, sick leave, a retirement plan, and health insurance. Salary will be commensurate with experience and education. Merit Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. It may be a part-time, internship, or full-time job. Job Application : Download from www.

This online event challenges students to integrate multiple areas of business knowledge and skills, using critical-thinking skills and teamwork during the competition.

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Student teams will compete online during the fall and spring competitions. Reports describe activities of the chapter that were conducted between the start of the previous State Leadership Conference and the current State Leadership Conference. Information and communication systems human resource management financial management business operations management functions and environment business ownership and law strategic management ethics and social responsibility marketing economic concepts careers Case: A problem encountered by managers in the following areas: human resource management, financial management, marketing management or information systems management.

Competitors will assume the role of management and present a solution to the case study. Competitors will analyze the situation and recommend an information system solution to address the issues raised. Basic marketing fundamentals economics selling and merchandising channels of distribution marketing, information research, and planning promotion and advertising media legal, ethical, and social marketing aspects e-commerce Case: A marketing problem is proposed, and a solution is discussed.

The solution must run standalone with no programming errors. Applications may deploy from a smartphone, tablet, or both, but must be smartphone deployable. Applications do not need to be available for download from a digital-distribution multimedia-content service. The app should be shown to the judges. Network installation problem solving and troubleshooting network administrator functions configuration of Internet resources backup and disaster recovery configuration network resources and services Case: An analysis of a computing environment situation and recommendation for a network solution that addresses the issues provided.

Report and Presentation: Demonstrate the development and implementation of an innovative, creative, and effective partnership plan. Include: description of the partnership, goals and planning activities, roles of business leaders and chapter members in developing and implementing the partnership results, concepts learned and impact of the project, provide degree of involvement hours spent, personal contact executives and department heads contacted , examples of publicity and recognition received as a result of the partnership.

Credit and debt earning a living income, taxes managing budgets and finance saving and investing banking and insurance financial principles related to personal decision making buying goods and services. Research and form an objective on the topic provided. Create a second video on the topic. The video production may use any method to capture or create moving images A Statement of Assurance entry form must be completed and submitted by the state chair or designee The PSA video must be shown to the judges.

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Create a social media marketing campaign according to guidelines. Includes a presentation. Production Test Competencies Basic mathematical concepts data organization concepts creating formulas functions generate graphs for analysis purposes pivot tables create macros filter and extract data Objective Test Competencies Formulas functions graphics, charts, reports purpose for spreadsheets pivot tables and advanced tools macros and templates filters and extraction of data format and print options.

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Members will use this simulation to test their skills at managing their own financial lives and will compete against students across the country. Students file taxes, open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, monitor credit scores, apply for jobs, purchase insurance, and more. The online simulation is percent web-based. This event is based on the Virtual Business Management web-based simulation where FBLA students test their skills at managing businesses individually or as a team.

No downloads are required for this online application. Project and Presentation: The website must be available for viewing on the Internet at the time of judging. No changes can be made to the website after the official entry date. Websites should be designed to allow for viewing on as many different platforms as possible. Five 5 points may be deducted for presentations over the allotted time. Five 5 points may be deducted for not following guidelines. All electronic devices must be turned off.

All attendees must follow the dress code and wear their name badges. Print The general event guidelines below are applicable to all national competitive events. Eastern Time on March 1 of the current school year. NLC Registration: Participants must be registered for the NLC and pay the national conference registration fee in order to participate in competitive events. Deadlines: The state chair, or designee, must register each state competitor on the official online entry forms by p.

Eastern Time on the second Friday in May. Each competitor must compete in all parts of an event for award eligibility. A team shall consist of two or three members. Exceptions are Parliamentary Procedure which must be a team of four or five members, and LifeSmarts which must be a team of two members.

All members of a team must consist of individuals from the same chapter.

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Repeat Competitors Competitors are not permitted to compete in an event more than once at the NLC unless one of the following circumstances applies: Modified Events: A competitor may compete in the same event when the event is modified. Note, if the only modification is a name change, competitors may not compete in the renamed event. Team Events: One 1 competitor of the team may have competed in the same event at one 1 previous NLC; however, they may not compete more than twice in the event at the national level.

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Individual Entry: A competitor who competed as an individual entry in a team event at the national level may compete in the same event a second time as part of a team, but not a second time as an individual. Parliamentary Procedure: Two 2 competitors of the team may have competed in this event at a previous NLC; however, they may not compete more than twice at the national level.

Pilot Event: Competition in a pilot event does not disqualify a competitor from competing in the same event if it becomes an official competitive event. The participant may compete in another event as well as a pilot event. Breaking Ties Objective Tests: Ties are broken by comparing the correct number of answers to the last 10 questions on the exam. If a tie remains, the competitor who completed the test in a shorter amount of time will place higher.

If this does not break the tie, answers to the last 20 questions will be reviewed and determine the winner. Objective and Production Tests: The production test scores will be used to break a tie. Objective Tests and Performances: The objective test score will be used to break a tie based on the tie-breaking criteria of objective tests.

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