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This study investigates Yemeni EFL students' perceptions, attitudes and challenges on integrating Facebook Interaction (FBI) to improve their essay writing. The. Technology & Resources in Education eJournal. Subscribe to.

Age and Age-related Differences in the Workplace. Read full call for papers here.

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Online ISSN: Best Article Award Personnel Psychology published 21 articles in Best Reviewer Awards The Best Reviewer Award recognizes two individuals who completed high quality reviews in a timely manner, while taking on a large number of review requests over the past two years. Winners: James A. Yet despite the supporting evidence, research shows many managers are failing to deliver on their responsibilities:. The answer lies in a move towards agile performance management processes , rather than structured annual reviews alone. Regular appraisals allow not only for easier identification of underperformance, but also the celebration of success, and a reassurance for the employee that there is an obvious route to personal growth and development within the organization.

In assessing this analysis, the Harvard Business Review cites two additional behaviors which impact both employee engagement and performance levels within the business. The first of these is, unsurprisingly, communication. Gallup studies have report a strong link between consistent managerial communication with higher engagement levels, with those combining face-to-face, phone and communication tools seeing the best results.

Investment into soft skills training, combined with effective internal communication tools such as social networks or intranet platforms , can support managers in overcoming barriers to communication. An interpersonal coaching approach to leadership also yields positive feedback, with those who feel that their manager is invested in them as a person more likely to feel engaged. Managers who can appreciate that each team member is different, and understand how best to deal with each individual personality, are crucial to fostering a culture of engagement across the team.

A strengths-based culture allows team members to learn more quickly and produce a greater quality and quantity of work, allowing staff to use the best of their natural talents. Whilst the characteristics of substandard managers can be wide-ranging, from poor communication to lack of integrity or courage, the effects of these can be extremely damaging to morale and productivity. In fact, poor management not only affects employee productivity , but can also have indirect consequences for workplace innovation and the ability to adapt to changing business conditions.

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One of the direct impacts of bad management can be worker stress, which could be triggered by instances a strained relationship with a supervisor or an unmanageable workload. It is widely accepted that a majority of engaged, productive staff achieve a healthy work-life balance ; however, stress at work can carry over to misery or dread at home, resulting in an emotionally-drained employee who is most likely unhappy in their job.

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Read more. Amy C. Jamie A. Gruman Alan M. Excessive availability for work: Good or bad?

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Charting underlying motivations and searching for game-changers Cary L. Cooper Luo Lu. Cheryl L. Adkins Sonya F. Corporate social responsibility and human resource management: A systematic review and conceptual analysis Christian Voegtlin Michelle Greenwood.

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David E. Aaron Cohen. Making sense of different perspectives on career transitions: A review and agenda for future research - Open access Sherry E. Sullivan Akram Al Ariss. Ina Aust Brian Matthews