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By complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor CMOS technology, the fabrication of compact and mass manufacturable devices with integrated components on the Si platform is achievable.

In this thesis we aim to model, study and fabricate a compact photonic quantum random number generator QRNG on the Si platform that is able to generate high quality, "truly" random numbers. Various implementations of QRNG have been developed reaching an ultimate geometry where both the source and the SPAD are integrated on the same chip and fabricated by the same process. This activity was performed within the project SiQuro—on Si chip quantum optics for quantum computing and secure communications—which aims to bring the quantum world into integrated photonics.

True random number generator thesis

By using the same successful paradigm of microelectronics—the study and design of very small electronic devices typically made from semiconductor materials—, the vision is to have low cost and mass manufacturable integrated quantum photonic circuits for a variety of different applications in quantum computing, measure, sensing, secure communications and services.

The Si platform permits, in a natural way, the integration of quantum photonics with electronics. Two methodologies are presented to generate random numbers: one is based on photon counting measurements and another one is based on photon arrival time measurements. The latter is robust, masks all the drawbacks of afterpulsing, dead time and jitter of the Si SPAD and is effectively insensitive to ageing of the LED and to its emission drifts related to temperature variations.

The raw data pass all the statistical tests in national institute of standards and technology NIST tests suite and TestU01 Alphabit battery without a post processing algorithm. The maximum demonstrated bit rate is 1. All the statistical test in the NIST tests suite pass for the raw data with the maximum bit rate of 0.

High quality random numbers are produced through our robust methodology at the highest speed of kcps. Integration of the source of entropy and the detector on a single chip is an efficient way to produce a compact RNG. Main research site Explore Bristol Research.

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Overview Authors Francesco Raffaelli. Bristol Doctoral College School of Physics. Random numbers find applications in a range of different fields, from quantum key distribution and classical cryptography to fundamental science. Sometimes, thousands or even millions of such streams are needed. We explain how they can be produced and managed.

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