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Welcome to the PhD in Education dissertation process. You are embarking on an adventure where you will be transformed from thinking like a student to thinking like a PhD. Writing a dissertation requires a different set of skills from anything you have done thus far in your educational experience. You will work closely with your committee members in an iterative process to research and write your dissertation.

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Sample Dissertation Proposals

On this page you will find links to documents that may answer some of the questions you have about the dissertation process. Each college may have minor differences in policies and procedures, so this is where you can come to get education questions answered. The dissertation is a scholarly document intended to demonstrate your research competence to produce new knowledge in your field. It is written in the formal language and style of its discipline or field of study, and it results from a comprehensive, logical, and ethical investigation into a topic of interest.

It will include five chapters:. On the following links you will find examples of dissertations and dissertation sections with comment balloons sharing some of the strengths of the studies.

Each dissertation is unique, but these examples of dissertations can be used if you have questions about what to include in each part based on the requirements of the Checklist. PhD in Education: Overview.

Overview of the prospectus

Print Page Report a broken link. Welcome Welcome to the PhD in Education dissertation process. PhD Dissertation Process and Documents. Dissertation Supervisory Committee.

That form is to be completed and returned to the Director of Graduate Studies at the completion of the examination. If a student is scheduled to take a Dissertation Prospectus Exam, and the student does not successfully petition for an extension of the deadline for taking that examination but also fails to take the scheduled examination, then the student will automatically fail that examination.

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David C. Program Requirements 2. Fink Biography Fink Application Ph. Home Graduates Ph. The prospectus is to include a general introduction to the topic and a chapter-by-chapter outline of the dissertation. The prospectus is supposed to give to the committee members a good idea of how the student intends to put the whole dissertation together. It is therefore best that the prospectus include an outline of each chapter in as much detail as the student can provide. The prospectus also includes a detailed bibliography of material relevant to the dissertation topic and upon which the student's knowledge of the field is based.

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This is typically more tightly focused and extensive than the Bibliography prepared for the Candidacy Examination see sec. The substantive paper submitted for the Dissertation Prospectus Examination should not be a mere introduction to the dissertation, nor a mere summary and exposition of some main ideas to be discussed in later parts of the dissertation. One or two ideas that are central to the dissertation should be developed at some length and should be judged to constitute a viable direction for the dissertation.

The oral part of the Dissertation Prospectus Examination is based upon the student's written work, and will include an examination of the student's knowledge of the specialized field of the proposed dissertation. More generally, the examination is testing the student's knowledge of the broader field of philosophy of which the dissertation topic is a part, and their ability to make publishable contributions to this field.

The oral part of the Dissertation Prospectus Examination is a closed examination, i. Evaluation of the Dissertation Prospectus Examination.